CTTL: 10 Years of Transformation

With St. Andrew’s as the incubator, The CTTL innovates and inspires. In the past 10 years, The Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning (The CTTL) has impacted tens of thousands…

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Making it Stick Better

Memory, like all brain functions, is not isolated to one region of the brain—and without it, learning does not happen. What follows is how we have translated research on memory to our respective disciplines, science and history.

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The Science of Keeping Kids Engaged—Even From Home

Motivating students with carrots and sticks—through endless, demoralizing cycles of high-stakes testing and assessment—is not getting us the deep learning and love of learning we desire. Fortunately there is a science of motivation, and we need to design it into the very fiber of our virtual courses.

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MBE for Educational Equity

The Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) research-informed principles and whole-child approach that have guided the CTTL’s work up until this point feel simultaneously more important than ever — and not yet enough. It is a time to reflect on the truth of what we already know, and examine where we, as teachers, leaders, and supporters of learning communities, need to do better to create change for equitable learning and school experiences.

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