Our vision is a world where every teacher understands how every student’s brain learns.

The CTTL’s mission is to create and innovate in the field of Mind, Brain and Education Science research to allow teachers to maximize their effectiveness and students to achieve their highest potential.

To fulfill its mission and public purpose, The CTTL:

Makes research-informed teaching and learning the central focus of faculty professional learning, curriculum and program design at St. Andrew’s and in the broader educational community.

Establishes partnerships with leading researchers and research universities that are committed to enhancing teacher quality, student achievement, and the whole child school experience through the lens of Mind, Brain, and Education Science.

Connects independent and public school teachers, leaders, and policymakers through discourse on translating research into innovative teaching and learning strategies.

Trains and mentors public, public-charter and private school teachers and school leaders, through both on-site and online programming.

Conducts and translates original research on how the brain learns with leading research universities and like-minded programs.

Shares its expertise through on-site and online programming and its journal, Think Differently and Deeply.