Since the CTTL’s inception, Crimsonbridge has played an intellectual and philanthropic role in the CTTL’s partnership with Teach for America (DC Region), The Ideas in Education Festival, The Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy, and talent development within the CTTL team. The CTTL and Crimsonbridge have a like-minded commitment to develop public school/private school partnerships. Their collective goal is advancing teacher effectiveness and student achievement through research-informed teaching and learning strategies from the field of Mind, Brain and Education Science.

CTTL Director Glenn Whitman and Crimsonbridge Founder and President Gabriela Smith outside the CTTL/Crimsonbridge Research on the St. Andrew’s Episcopal School campus.

The hub of the CTTL’s program development and working with students and teachers at St. Andrew’s, and with visitors from around the world, is the CTTL/Crimsonbridge Research Center. Here, CTTL Omidyar Teacher Research Fellows and Finn Student Research fellows meet to evaluate existing research and conduct original research that is shared with educators through the CTTL’s internationally recognized publications, Think Differently and Deeply and Neuroteach, co-authored by the CTTL’s Director, Glenn Whitman and Head of Research, Dr. Ian Kelleher.

One of the CTTL’s most enduring collaborations has been with Teach for America (DC Region). This partnership was made possible by Crimsonbridge’s recognition of the CTTL and TFA’s commitment to creating excellent teachers. In 2018, the CTTL, TFA and Crimsonbridge presented what they have learned through their collaboration at the National Network of School’s in Partnership 1st Annual Conference that highlighted the journey of this replicable partnership from an earlier presentation at the National Association of Independent School’s annual Conference in 2013.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Student Center, the home of the CTTL and the Crimsonbridge Research Center.