Our vision is a world where every teacher understands how every student’s brain learns.

Case Study: Bringing the Science of Teaching and Learning to a Public School District’s Teachers and Administrators

Take an inside look at how the largest county in Maryland, Frederick County became a Mind, Brain, and Education Science-based (MBE) school district and its working relationship with The Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning (CTTL). Go back to the beginning of The CTTL and Frederick County Public School (FCPS) district partnership, meet the district’s MBE champions, and discover how research-backed strategies have transformed teaching, learning, and leadership at FCPS schools.

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Reading Unraveled: Building Fluency

The ultimate goal of reading is what we do with the information and ideas that we take in through the written word. This involves high order cognitive engagement and is impacted by many factors including saliency determination, verbal conceptualization, critical thinking, creativity, and reasoning.

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The NeuroEducation Confidence Diagnostic (NECD for short) is a free diagnostic tool for helping schools and districts gauge key elements related to teacher efficacy. It’s for teachers who want to identify gaps in their knowledge and confidence, as well as school and district administrators who want to get an overall picture of the organizational strengths and gaps in learning science knowledge and confidence in classroom practices.

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Collaborating with teachers and schools in-person, for multiple professional development sessions continues to lead to the most significant changes in the Mind, Brain, and Education science mindset, knowledge, and research to practice translation skills of teachers and school leaders.

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Neuroteach Global (NTG) is the first virtual learning experience to use the Science of Learning to teach the Science of Learning. NTG brings to teachers, school leaders, university professors, program coordinators, and policymakers the most promising research in how the brain learns, works, changes, and thrives.

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The Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy is a four-day deep dive into Mind, Brain, Education science and how this research can inform, validate, and transform teaching and learning. Purposefully designed for educators within all school settings, the Academy develops public, charter, private, state, and international school educators’ MBE knowledge, mindsets, and translational skills.

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Neuroteach was written to help solve the problem teachers and school leaders have in knowing how to bring the growing body of educational neuroscience research into the design of their schools, classrooms, and work with each individual student.


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