In 2016 the CTTL began partnering with The Educators’ Lab whose mission is to support teacher powered solutions in education through meaningful professional learning opportunities. The focus of the CTTL and Educators’ Lab’s partnership has been around the design of the Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy that will launch in the summer of 2017. In addition, the CTTL’s research and workshop space will be the location for upcoming Educators’ Lab programs including a School Ideas Drive and TeacherHacks. By collaborating together, the CTTL and The Educators’ Lab seek to create research informed professional development opportunities that have an immediate impact on how teachers design their classes and work with each individual student. The Educators’ Lab is a member of Learning Forward Virginia and many of its goals align with the research that has conducted by Learning Forward and NCTAF. We understand that many professional development efforts continue to remain ineffective as teachers often attend workshops and in-services as an act of compliance. This leads to a lack of motivation and engagement. Our goal is to offer programming that supports teacher agency so that professional learning is both meaningful and effective for educators, thus helping improve teaching and learning for students. To learn more about their work, please visit The Educators’ Lab at