Neuroteach Global (NTG) is the first virtual learning experience to use the Science of Learning to teach the Science of Learning. NTG brings to teachers, school leaders, university professors, program coordinators, and policymakers the most promising research in how the brain learns, works, changes, and thrives. It uses novelty, story, spaced-practice, feedback, meta-cognition, and memory to begin or continue each individual users Mind, Brain, and Education science professional learning journey. Here is a 1-minute video about how Neuroteach Global works and a 4-minute video that documents that launch of Neuroteach Global with Delta County Colorado teachers and school leaders.

Each of the 12 Level I micro-courses are broken into 10 chapters that take between 7-10 minutes to complete. Using research on memory, chapters are delivered in spaced intervals, so you cannot binge experience Neuroteach Global; we actually want you to start forgetting a little before re-engaging with your next experience. Real-world classroom missions arrive approximately every four chapters, and users receive feedback on each mission within 72-hours after they are submitted.

Neuroteach Global is being incorporated into faculty professional development programs at public, private, and charter schools internationally. For additional information on how school leaders can purchase Neuroteach Global micro-courses for faculty, or how to register for micro-courses as an individual learner, visit and explore the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Neuroteach Global.

Questions about Neuroteach GlobaL?

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Praise for Neuroteach Global

Expect to have all of your future professional development ruined! Neuroteach Global and the CTTL have developed the most engaging, meaningful, and applicable trainings for teaching professionals of all levels.

As a micro-course designed with the busy teacher in mind, Neuroteach Global hits the mark. It’s simple, concise approach introduces and examines topics clearly and in a way that makes the content accessible, engaging, and memorable. The course provides a well-designed entry point for teachers into Learning Science concepts and is an innovative and engaging way to deliver professional development.

I think my Neuroteach Global track was the best, most practical summer reading I have done in my 19 years teaching at St. Andrew’s. I found the field guides associated with each of the micro-courses, especially the strategies section, especially helpful.

I think the Neuroteach Global initiative you have launched is truly outstanding. The content thoroughly encompasses the latest cognitive science research about learning and your menu-driven and bite-sized options for online learning are mindful of the time pressures teachers face–all with lots of immediate feedback via personal coaching. This professional learning model is what ultimately will make a difference in the translation of best-practice learning research into more effective day-to-day teaching and student learning. Much of this information is available online (or in print) but few providers, if any, have thought through how to deliver it to teachers in clear and meaningful ways that models deliberate practice.

I like how the learning is self-paced, and how you have the opportunity to learn from a mistake—to try it again.

I believe this would be beneficial for new teachers after they have been in the field for a while AND for seasoned teachers to evaluate their practice!

Teachers are eager for evidenced-based practices they can use in their classrooms to support their students. We are pleased to support the efforts of the Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning to develop a novel approach to online professional development that uses learning science principles to provide the substance for how teachers can help their students.

It was an enriching experience that didn’t take a large time commitment - which I think is the perfect mix for teachers!

I enjoyed the innovation and using a tool that takes a different approach to implementing ideas from professional development sessions.

The course was very easy to navigate. The length of each chapter was perfect as it provided large amounts of good information in manageable “chunks!”

I very much enjoyed the short sessions and the quick ideas to transform my classroom.

I talked with a young teacher yesterday for quite a while about feedback, and it was interesting for me to hear him say exactly what Zeke said about not reading feedback, just looking at the grade. This young faculty member is going to see what happens when he separates the grade from feedback on his next paper.