In 2007, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland made the strategic decision to begin training 100% of its teachers and school leaders in Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) Science. Since then, the school has sustained the professional learning of the faculty through programming that includes working with the most promising research and employing strategies from faculty at schools that include: Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, Johns Hopkins School of Education and Science of Learning Institute, University of Virginia, Washington University, Stanford University, and Durham University (UK). 

In 2011, the Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning was launched with St. Andrew’s serving as an incubator for its publications, programming, and research. Forty percent of the CTTL’s work is dedicated to benefiting public and public charter schools and students, which has led to robust partnerships with Teach For America (D.C. region) and public school districts in Maryland, Georgia, Iowa, South Dakota, and Colorado.


Teachers and school leaders that the CTTL has presented to, worked with, or trained since 2011.


Copies of Think Differently and Deeply (Vol. 1-4), written by St. Andrew’s teachers and students, that have been distributed to educators and policymakers worldwide.


Winner of the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society’s “Mission Award,” the first pre-collegiate school to receive such an honor.

More than 20 conference presentations

Including: ASUGSV, SXSWedu, Learning Forward, Learning and the Brain, New Teacher Center, National Association of Independent Schools, researchED, Wellington Festival of Education, Challenge Success Conference, Wellcome Trust Neuroscience in Education Conference, National Network of Schools in Partnership, and South Africa’s first MBE Conference.


Percent of St. Andrew’s preschool through Grade 12 students who benefit from MBE research-informed strategies, which enhance their academic achievement and personal well-being.


Users who are actively experiencing Neuroteach Global to advance their research-informed teaching journey.


Public, charter, and private school teachers who participated in the first three CTTL Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academies.

Teachers or school leaders from 6 continents and 31 states have benefited from the CTTL’s resources or programming.


One co-authored book

“Neuroteach: Brain Science and the Future of Education,” written by the CTTL’s Director and Head of Research, was read by teachers at 55 different schools around the world.