An 8-10 minutes survey to assess your teaching practices based on how the student brain learns....


Receive a personal report within 24 hours that:

  • Identifies strengths and gaps in your current knowledge and use of research-informed classroom practices.
  • Highlights areas of challenge.
  • Suggests next steps for professional growth and development.

You can see an example of an individual report here

Groups and Organizations

The team at the CTTL will create a free group report providing an overall picture of an organization’s strengths and gaps regarding knowledge & classroom practices based on the science of learning.

All participants in the organization will automatically get an individual report.

We are the first generation to know how the brain learns best. But how well do you, or teachers at your school, know the science of teaching and learning?

The NeuroEducation Confidence Diagnostic (NECD for short) is a free diagnostic for helping teachers, schools, and districts gauge key elements related to teacher effectiveness.

Developed by the teacher-led team at The Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning, the NECD measures an educator’s…


I believe I can affect positive change in my school


I know teaching and learning strategies that are based on evidence on how the brain learns best


I am confident in applying these strategies in my classroom, school, and work with each student

There are two versions of the report, one for individual teachers and one for organizations.

The report for individual teachers
This free report helps individuals identify areas of strength in their knowledge and use of evidence based classroom practices. It also highlights areas of challenge, and possible next steps. You can see an example of an individual report here. Reports are delivered directly to teachers within 24 hours of taking the diagnostic.

The report for schools, districts, programs, and organizations
The team at the CTTL can also create a free group report, upon request, for school and district administrators. We will create a special survey link for you to share. All participants in the organization that complete the survey will automatically get an individual report. The group’s overall report will create a picture of the school, district, program, or organization’s strengths and gaps when it comes to using practices based on evidence from the science of learning. You can see a sample of the group report here.

If you choose to work with the CTTL, you will receive further group and individual reports at a later date that will give you feedback on your progress and help guide future professional learning.