The Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy is a four-day deep dive into Mind, Brain & Education science (MBE). What helps all students learn, flourish, and achieve their highest potential? There is a wealth of research evidence out there on how to do this, but it’s not in a usable form. The Academy busts this norm by making learning research useful.

Learn how to take the best insights from research, combine it with your practical wisdom as an educator, and use it to transform teaching and learning in your school, district, or program.

Actionable MBE learning for all educators

The Academy is designed for preschool to collegiate teachers and school leaders within all school settings – public, charter, private, state, and international. Whatever your role and wherever you are, the Academy will:

  • Deepen your knowledge of Mind, Brain and Education principles.
  • Increase your understanding of Executive Functions; Mindsets; Meta-Cognition; Diversity, Equity, and Belonging; Coaching; Memory; Science of Reading and Math; Cognitive Load; Play; Motivation; Feedback; MBE translation and integration; Meta-Cognition; and Project-Based Learning.
  • Develop your ability to translate MBE principles into everyday actions in your specific context. 
  • Leave you equipped with an MBE research-informed lens and toolkit of strategies that can be applied in many areas and to many challenges.
  • Connect you to an international network of MBE research-informed teachers and school leaders.
  • Help inform, validate, and transform your practice.

After the Academy, you will receive ongoing mentoring and programmatic support throughout the school year.

The Academy, now entering its sixth year, is designed by the internationally recognized CTTL, a teacher-led, school-based MBE research and translation center. The CTTL has an international public purpose to elevate teacher effectiveness, student achievement, and the whole child’s school experience through MBE research and strategies. We do this by using the science of learning to teach the science of learning.

Structure of the Academy

Mind, Brain & Education (MBE) Sessions

You will gain foundational knowledge in MBE topic areas, explore examples of how MBE can inform classroom practices, and learn about our streamlined action research design. 

Deep Dive Sessions

You will dive into areas of your choice, such as literacy, math, memory, metacognition, feedback, executive functioning, and diversity, equity, and belonging (DEB), in sessions led by internationally acclaimed experts.

Translation Sessions

These sessions are designed to build upon your new knowledge of MBE, and help you translate MBE principles into everyday practices to address needs and opportunities in your class or school. These are small group sessions led by an experienced MBE facilitator.

Hybrid and Virtual Attendance Options 

New to the Academy, attendees will be able to experience the Academy in a hybrid setting at any of five Academy Partner schools and districts who are serving as regional satellite locations – Miami, FL; Frederick County, MD; Lancaster, PA; Golden Valley, MN; and Mexico City, Mexico. Contact us to learn more about our satellite sites and the attendee experience.

If you have questions about the Academy, please email Chavonne Primus, Chief Operating Officer, at