The Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy recognizes that each participant will arrive at the Academy with different levels of experience with Mind, Brain, and Education Science research and strategies. The Academy also recognizes that teachers and school leaders play different but intertwined roles in developing research-informed schools and teachers. The Academy was therefore designed around a four-tier, two-track framework that allows teachers and school leaders to develop a professional pathway to move from the “novice” to “school leader” level in the field of Mind, Brain, and Education Science. 

Academy Framework Translational Pathway

During parts of the Academy, teachers and school leaders will be working side-by-side. At other times, teachers and school leaders will learn research-informed strategies targeted to their respective roles in a school. The Academy will serve as a starting point, and post-Academy mentoring will be the continuation. But ultimately, like-minded teachers and school leaders must work together in the deliberate translation of MBE research into how teachers design each of their classes and work with each individual student. For more information about the CTTL’s MBE Research Engagement Framework, contact Dr. Ian Kelleher (, the Head of Research for the CTTL.