Day 1: Embracing neuroplasticity

Registration opens at 12

Neuroplasticity and brain dissection

Mind, Brain & Education (MBE) informed practice 1: design of curriculum & pedagogy

MBE translation group meetings (10-15 people, facilitator led, focus: how to make it work in my class or school)

Academy dinner

Day 2: Using MBE to inform everyday practice

The M&m’s of Research — research methods for teachers

MBE informed practice 2: learning environment & student wellbeing

MBE informed practice 3: tools for student achievement & lifelong learning

Yoga (optional)

Student voices and speed pitch

MBE translation group meetings

Dinner on your own

What is the student speed pitch?

Day 3: MBE Deep Dives

MBE deep dives (Choose three sessions given by leading experts in the field)

MBE translation group meetings

Yoga (optional)

Academy barbecue with book signing by deep dive faculty

Day 4: Your MBE implementation plan and action research

The CTTL’s disciplined inquiry framework: action research for the busy teacher

Design a research or implementation project

Academy elevator pitch

MBE translation group meetings

Gallery walk

Student voices part II