Teaching All Kinds Of Minds: The Principles and Strategies of Neuroeducation

Now in its fifth year, the Teaching All Kinds of Minds Workshop, for K-12 educators and school leaders, approaches the science of teaching and learning through academic themes (e.g., listening, speaking, reading and writing) and provides tools and activities for next-day classroom use.

Participants develop an understanding for the All Kinds of Minds Neurodevelopmental Framework for Learning (NDFL) that was revised in 2016 to reflect the most current research in Mind, Brain, and Education Science research. Each module over this three-day workshop helps participants to practice applying the language and framework of All Kinds of Minds to the demands of specific academic skills placed on each student's learning brain.

One of the key outcomes of this workshop is that each participant will have a framework and language to inform how they design their classes and work with each individual student and evaluate each student’s current learning strengths and weaknesses.

This workshop is facilitated by the co-authors of Neuroteach and teachers from St. Andrew’s Episcopal where 100% of the Pre-school through 12th grade faculty have been trained in the All Kinds of Minds program.

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·       Dr. Ian Kelleher (Head of Research the CTTL and co-author Neuroteach: Brain Science and the Future of Education)

·       Susheela Robinson (English Department Head)

·       Glenn Whitman (Director, The CTTL and co-author, Neuroteach: Brain Science and the Future of Education)