At the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, we often say that there is only one, indisputable educational truth: Every day, every student will bring their brain to every class. As schools in the United States and abroad transition to synchronous and asynchronous distance learning, this indisputable truth will remain the same. But equally important to think about is the adult learning brain and the mindset we bring to distance learning.

This page will be updated weekly with resources for teachers, school leaders, and parents as they navigate the challenges of distance learning.

New EdTech resource from The CTTL

The Science of Learning Guide to Education Technology was designed to help teachers use education technology in the most effective way possible. It does this by mapping EdTech tools onto the most promising research in how the student brain learns, works, changes, and thrives. Click here to download the Middle and High School guide, and click here to download the Elementary School edition.

Student works on a project

Your Checklist for Virtual Project-Based Learning

Projects are still a good way to motivate students during challenging circumstances, but we need to take care so that learning actually takes place. How can we use what we know about the science of learning to design projects that truly work?

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Students work around a computer

The Science of Keeping Kids Engaged—Even From Home

Motivating students with carrots and sticks—through endless, demoralizing cycles of high-stakes testing and assessment—is not getting us the deep learning and love of learning we desire. Fortunately there is a science of motivation, and we need to design it into the very fiber of our virtual courses.

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A magic potion to improve learning?

There is no magic potion to help all students all the time, but there is something that comes pretty close. And it is utterly doable, even in distance learning times, and for the full range of learners…

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A graphic that reads "The CTTL's 'Back to School' Top Ten List for Teachers."

The CTTL’s “Back to School” Top Ten

We begin each year by trying to get to know each child and helping them believe that our classroom is a place where they belong and can thrive. But once you have got that going, then what? Here is our Back to School Top Ten.

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Our Elementary EdTech Guide is Here

Our EdTech guides were not created to drive a technology-first agenda. We do not imagine a future where EdTeach replaces classroom teachers. Rather, the guides were created to help us find the right EdTech tool for the job when an EdTech tool might be the best tool to use.

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Tools to Help Students Learn

Many parents around the world are suddenly finding themselves home-school teachers to varying degrees. How can we help all these people choose effective, efficient tools?

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Parent Tips: Final Exams and Projects

Summer is not far off, but due dates for final exams and projects are closer. Here are some study strategies and tips you can use to help your child prepare for these assessments and assignments during distance learning.

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Teacher Tips: Final Exams and Projects

How will you summatively assess your students’ ability to meet the learning objectives you have set for the year? Whether you are planning some kind of final exam or some kind of project, we have some research-informed strategies to help your students.

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Homework in a work-from-home world

We still need to guide instruction, even though this is now harder. The role homework plays will depend on our ability to guide instruction. Here is The CTTL’s ultimate guide to adapting your homework plans to asynchronous and synchronous teaching.

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Tending to Social & Emotional Well-being from a Distance: Part Two

I’ve been reminding myself that we just built our planes while flying them, and getting the whole fleet airborne is an incredible achievement; on some days, that alone is good enough. And the rest of the time, I’m wondering how I might steer my seventh-grade Life Science plane somewhere even more interesting, now that we’re up here.

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Executive Functioning and Distance Learning

Whether executive functioning was on your radar already or not, don’t panic. New struggles with executive functioning are a normal and reasonable response to what has happened to school in the last month. And there are strategies to help.

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Parent Tips: How to end the year

Great growth is possible right now, precisely because it is happening in the face of stress. Here are our tips for parents as they help their children complete an extraordinary school year.

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