The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL) is the research and professional development arm of St. Andrew’s that trains and provides on-going professional development to 100% of the school’s pre-school through 12th grade faculty in how to read and translate research in the field of Mind, Brain, and Education Science to how they design their classes and work with each student.

The CTTL disseminates its research and experience to the larger educational community through its internationally recognized publication, Think Differently and Deeply and its on-site and virtual program offerings including its Idea in Education Festival, Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy, and MBE strategies resources available exclusively at the Academy that demonstrate how to apply MBE practices in real classroom settings.  

Since 2011, the CTTL has presented to, worked with and hosted over 30,000 teachers from 550 schools from 6 different countries and 31 states.

Here are ways St. Andrew’s teaching and learning has been transformed through the CTTL:

  • Teachers receive guidance on integrating educational technology in their distance learning classes. (The CTTL designed EdTech Guides to support teachers – here is the Middle and High School version, and here is the Elementary Education version).

  • Mindfulness training for Lower School teachers and students.

  • Teachers use varied forms of assessments. In certain middle and upper school classes, students have the opportunity to choose what type of year-end assessment would be best for the way they demonstrate cumulative understanding.

  • Transformation of grades 6-12 final exam schedule so that students have a deep opportunity to reflect on their performance, receive oral feedback from their teachers, and to establish strategies for future improvement.

  • The advisor program educates students about the neurodevelopmental demands of learning focusing on enhancing attention, memory, executive functioning, and time management.

  • Launch of new, research-informed daily schedule in fall of 2019

  • More frequent formative assessments for all grade levels

  • Elevation of memory strategies such as the spacing effect, testing effect, and interleaving.