The Johns Hopkins University School of Education/CTTL Research Project

Research Partnership 

In 2012, the CTTL partnered with the School of Education and School of Medicine from The Johns Hopkins University to conduct an original research study. Second through eighth grade students from St. Andrew's contributed saliva samples and completed surveys to test the correlation between peer relationships, stress and academic success. Results from this study will be available in early 2013. This was a great opportunity for St. Andrew's students to learn about the scientific method while working alongside researchers from Johns Hopkins.

Brain Targeted Teaching™ at Johns Hopkins University School of Education

In 2011, St. Andrew’s and Johns Hopkins University School of Education began an association that reflects each schools’ commitment to understanding how the mind best learns. St. Andrew’s and Johns Hopkins collaborated to lead the “Connecting Brain Research with Effective Teaching” Workshop in June (2011). The workshop was led by Dr. Mariale Hardiman and St. Andrew’s faculty who have been trained in the neurodevelopmental demands of teaching and learning."Assessment and the Learning Brain: What The Research Tells Us"In 2014, Dr. Mariale Hardiman, co-founder of The Johns Hopkins University's Neuro-Education initiative, and Glenn Whitman, Director of the CTTL, co-authored "Assessment and the Learning Brain" for Independent School magazine. 

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