2016 Ideas in Education Festival Keynote Speaker

“Vanessa’s vision on the Teaching Brain fundamentally shifts our perspective on the question of what is teaching”

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Vanessa Rodriguez is author of, The Teaching Brain, which earned her the #1 New Release in Education Psychology on She previously taught humanities in the New York City public schools for more than ten years before deciding to return to graduate school in pursuit of understanding the human act of teaching.  

Vanessa is currently an advanced doctoral candidate in Human Development & Education and former Instructor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She was one of the first recipients to receive the prestigious Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching award for her research on the teaching brain.  Serving as guest editor she also published a series of early papers in the Mind, Brain and Education journal contributing to a yearlong series dedicated to research on understanding the teaching brain.  At Harvard she teaches a course titled Foundations of Learning and Teaching as Developmental Cognitive. Vanessa is the founder of the Teaching Brain Project which conducts studies utilizing cutting edge two-person neuroscience technologies.