Teach For America Partnership Testimonials 

“This summer I attended the TAKOM Neuroeducation Conference hosted at St. Andrew’s. It was a truly awesome experience and helped me become a better educator. The curriculum gives easy to use concepts that can be adapted into the classroom the next day. It is a program that truly provides the educator with the opportunity to reflect on how to be a better teacher for all students in his or her classroom by supplying different ways to reach students through their different learning preferences.”
— Stephanie Pinch, Special Education Teacher District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS)
“Allows CMs to be among positive and career-driven teaching professionals and encourages CMs to stay in the classroom because of the positive experiences of veteran teachers because CMs can see and hear what teaching as an art and life path can look like!”
“Interacting with veteran teachers, hearing stories, and meeting mentors and parents was hands-down one of the greatest impacts of this training.”
“I recently led a team of KIPP DC: KEY Academy teachers on a visit to St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. We were blown away! Our teachers consistently observed students engaging with texts, ideas, and content in a rigorous way. More importantly, students were driving the learning in every classroom. The teacher often served only as a facilitator to the thoughtful questions and connections students were making. In 7th grade science, students diagramed chemical equations on the board and independently discovered that photosynthesis and cellular respiration were opposite processes. In religion, several students were involved in a heated discussion about God’s appearance and whether God was a he or she. They drew upon their historical understandings of the role gender, race, and age has played in society to explain to each other why God is often portrayed as an older, white man. Finally, in 6th grade Spanish, students were having full conversations with each other – introducing themselves, talking about the weather, and explaining activities that they enjoyed. It was truly impressive to watch. At KEY, we believe that observing excellent instruction and borrowing what we see will push us to become better teachers for our kids. We create opportunities every year to visit excellent schools precisely for this reason. We knew visiting St. Andrew’s would be an enriching experience, and it met our high expectations. We are so thankful that St. Andrew’s welcomed us into their school and classrooms. We have already begun to implement many of the ideas we observed on our visit. From all the kids and teachers at KEY who will benefit from the great work you are doing at St. Andrews, thank you.”