Annual Conference for Transformative Teaching and Learning Poster Session

Poster sessions have been a cornerstone of academic conferences in many disciplines for decades – but not education. And this is strange because it is a perfect forum to share, examine and reflect on the work we do. The Annual Conference for Transformative Teaching Poster Session was conceived to showcase and celebrate our craft. This event not only professionalizes our pedagogy, but it also encourages an informal, creative space and time for conversations among colleagues to happen. This event is a beacon and a forum. It inspires us to keep rigorously and enthusiastically addressing that fundamental question, “what is transformative teaching?” More importantly, it leads us to make new connections and build working relationships that will prove to be more important than the posters themselves.

You are encouraged to present something anywhere in scale from the very small to the very large: a single lesson, a teaching technique, a unit, a technology, a trip, and even a theme that has informed their classroom all year. The guide we give is to share “that thing which you just know deep inside is great teaching.” Collaborative efforts are strongly encouraged and giving yourself the permission, the intellectual freedom to fully explore and develop an idea is a liberating experience – try it.