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St. Andrew's and the CTTL Featured 3 Times in Independent School magazine

Not once or twice but three times in the spring (2017) issue of Independent School magazine was the work of St. Andrew's and its Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning mentioned. "Independent School provides people associated with private schools and those interested in following trends in all sectors of education with the independent school perspective on topics that range from school operations and administration to teaching and learning and working with parents, boards of trustees, and other volunteers. It has been the premier publication in private education for more than 60 years."  

"I am not sure if three mentions in one issue is a record for a school but it has to be close" said Glenn Whitman, Director of the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning who also said that, "I am always looking forward to reading Independent School and learning about innovations in other schools across the country, so it is great to share our work in this issue. 

If you can get your hands or eyes on a paper or electronic version of this issue with the theme of "The Innovation-Education Continuum," you will find the Chief Innovation Officer of NAIS listing Neuroteach: Brain Science and the Future of Education in a side-bar on "What Tim Fish is . . ."  Neuroteach was written by St. Andrew's teachers and in part tells the story of how St. Andrew's has used research in Mind, Brain, and Education Science to validate, inform, and transform teaching and learning in its Preschool through 12th grade classes. An excerpt from Neuroteach, titled "Teachers Are Researchers" was also included in this issue as was a piece titled "Brain Research, Teaching, and Learning" that highlighted the role the CTTL plays in the daily lives of St. Andrew's teachers and its winning of the International Mind, Brain, and Education Science Society's "Mission Award." 

The magic number three also carried over to how many different session St. Andrew's teachers facilitated or co-facilitated at the March 2017 NAIS conference in Baltimore. Throughout the two-day conference, St. Andrew's design thinking program was on display in the NAIS Maker Space and three sessions, titled "Stressed-Out Students Are the New Normal:  How Educators Can Alleviate Anxiety, "Brain Science and the Future of Teacher and School Leader Training" and "Research as Inspiration: Mind, Brain, and Education Science as a Driver for School Innovation" included St. Andrew's teachers as lead facilitators.