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2013-2014 CTTL/Research School Student Fellows Named

Glenn Whitman, the Director of the CTTL, and Robert Kosasky, St. Andrew's Head of School, announced the six students selected as the CTTL/Research School Student Fellows.

The following six students were selected as the CTTL/Research School Student Fellows for this school year:

10th grade: Gabi Gedo, Bobby Radecki, Zoe, Gray

11th grade: Michael McDonnell-Diaz, Danny Knauss

12th grade: Brian Bies

The student research fellows will play a critical role in the in the study design, data collection, and the dissemination of results. The research study will be done as part of the CTTL’s partnership with the Research Schools International that is led by Harvard Graduate School of Education researchers.

The group had the opportunity to work with the Faculty Fellows and Harvard professors on Thursday from 11:30-1:00pm.