Language Learning for the Modern World and the Modern Mind

June 17-18, 2015


This two-day workshop will guide the participants through the creation of a complete teaching unit taking into account the ACTFL guidelines and informed by current research in neuro-education.

Participants will develop their own thematic units using the three modes of communication and learn how to infuse cultural perspective in an authentic way. Activities to further the development of linguistic accuracy at the beginner and intermediate levels of proficiency will be discussed. Participants will also develop assessments whose results will help them reflect on student learning as well as on their teaching efficiency.

Participants will leave this two-day workshop with a greater understanding of the entire process, suggestions on how to implement it at the different levels, and readily applicable activities, which will include their own unit and its corresponding integrated performance assessment (IPA).

Fees: $525

Faculty: Maria R. Diaz (Head of the Language Department)

                 Chantal Cassan-Moudoud (Language Instructor)


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