In the Fall of 2020, the CTTL created a philanthropically supported program to help schools and districts close learning gaps and recover from the academic, social, and emotional impact of COVID-19.  The Neuroteach Global Pilot Access Program enables the CTTL to deliver, free of charge, professional learning experiences centered in Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) Science — the most promising research and strategies in how a student’s brain learns, changes, and thrives.  These tools are designed to elevate teacher effectiveness, student achievement, and the whole child’s school experience whether in distance, hybrid, or in-person school settings.  These tools are also in alignment with best practices and research on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Through the Pilot Access Program, the CTTL provides cohorts of public school teachers with individual one-year licenses to a Neuroteach Global track (three micro-courses) at no cost.

Neuroteach Global’s 12 micro-courses present research-informed strategies for mitigating learning loss and deepening learning over 7.5 hours of spaced practice for the adult learner.  The research areas cover building metacognition and executive function skills; using formative assessments; multiple-modality instruction; interleaving and spaced practice for long-term memory consolidation; knowledge transfer; and prioritizing students’ social and emotional needs, and identity validation, to better engage them in the learning process among others.

“I have been an educator for nine years. My knowledge of MBE Science has had a profound impact on my teaching. It informs and reaffirms every decision I make in the classroom and in my planning. I also explicitly talk to my students about the brain and why we do certain activities as a class. So far this year we have discussed their amygdala, metacognition, the forgetting curve, and much more.”
Molly Magner
Math Teacher, NTG Mission Grader


The program is geared toward middle, high school, and community college teachers in public schools or districts in the United States. Schools or districts who want to participate agree to:

  • Recruit 25-40 educators who can commit to completing one track (three micro-courses) in Neuroteach Global
  • Launch this professional learning experience with a 30-minute webinar
  • Participate with their colleagues in taking the free NeuroEducation Confidence Diagnostic as a pre- and post-measurement of the impact Neuroteach Global has on teacher understanding on the research and strategies of MBE and their confidence to translate it to their classrooms, schools, and work with individual students.  
  • To collaborate with the CTTL team to review pre- and post- diagnostic reports and evaluate the impact on teachers and students
  • Conclude this professional learning experience with a reflective webinar on the experience.
"As a micro-course designed with the busy teacher in mind, Neuroteach Global hits the mark. Its simple, concise approach introduces and examines topics clearly and in a way that makes the content accessible, engaging, and memorable. The course provides a well-designed entry point for teachers into Science of Learning concepts and is an innovative and engaging way to deliver professional development."
Fatima Jibril
International Society for Technology in Education


The benefits to schools and teachers who participate in the program include:

  • Ability to bring the most promising research and strategies in the Science of Learning to the school or district
  • Flexibility in identifying and selecting a track that aligns best with your school’s overall learning and academic objectives, priorities, goals, or challenges.
  • Maintain the continuity of professional development conveniently and safely with this mobile-friendly online learning experience
  • Ability to track learner progress and growth
  • Asynchronous professional development that can be done anytime and anywhere
  • Master teacher feedback on six research-to-classroom practice missions
  • Connection to a global network of teachers for support and sharing classroom practices based on how the brain learns.
  • Ability to earn 7.5 hours of certified professional learning experiences or a micro-credential that can be applied to state or district CEU requirements
“It was an enriching experience that didn’t take a large time commitment – which I think is the perfect mix for teachers!”
Deanna Detmer
Kent Denver School


The CTTL will support all pilot program participants by:

  • Offering data-informed guidance on aligning course selection with personal, school, or district-wide goals and strategic initiatives
  • Providing a free one-year license to course content for pilot participants
  • Leading a free virtual workshop to launch participants into their Neuroteach Global micro-courses
  • Providing consistent client support to keep participants on track to course completion
  • Delivering free resources and solutions created by The CTTL to further elevate teacher effectiveness
  • Collecting analyzing and reporting data for progress outcomes
  • Collaborating in the regional marketing of a school or district’s commitment to innovative, research-informed professionals to elevate student achievement and well-being.

To request additional information about the pilot program, or for a guided demo of Neuroteach Global, please complete this form and a member of our team will follow up with you. You can also email specific questions to Chavonne Primus, Director of Client Services and Operations, at