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The Neuroteach Network is a virtual learning community that unites university researchers, teachers, school leaders, students, and policymakers who are dedicated to enhancing and employing educational neuroscience teaching and learning strategies. The Neuroteach Network’s goal is to empower teachers and school leaders to collaboratively integrate MBE research-informed teaching and learning strategies into their professional practice.

The CTTL created this network because collaboration and partnership are essential components of teaching and learning. Solely reading a book or attending a workshop on Mind, Brain, and Education Science rarely leads to definitive changes in one’s instructional practice or educational philosophy. However, when growth-minded teachers and leaders share ideas and experiences with each other, the opportunities for transformative change abound.

The application of MBE scientific research in the classroom is the most promising and innovative way to examine, elevate, and enhance teacher quality, student achievement, and the learning experience today. We strive to strengthen and expand the Neuroteach Network so that every student –regardless of zip code, school type, or school enrollment—will learn from research-informed teachers and school leaders who know how his or her brain works, learns, and changes.

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