The Ideas in Education Festival

Imagining Our Future Schools and
Preparing Our Current Students

Saturday April 18th, 2015


St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Cost $125 (teacher scholarships available)

What happens when the best teachers, school leaders, students, researchers and policy makers from all educational settings come together to imagine the future of our schools? Lets find out.

This gathering will be part idea sharing, part data collecting, part networking, and part alliance building. It will also be fun. Most importantly, it will be about using the principles of human-centered design thinking to answer two questions:

✤ What do we already know about what is working in education today?
✤ How can we better incubate, share and leverage ideas that will transform teaching and learning for all students?

Evolving Conference Strands:

Technology Integration, Design Thinking, STEM and STEAM, Disrupting Class with New Technology, Mind, Brain and Education Science, Personalized Learning, Research and Data, Social & Emotional Learning (Character & Grit),  Assessment & The Common Core, Adult Learning

Together, public, parochial, charter and private school teachers and leaders, a group of educators equally committed to excellent schools for each of their students, but who rarely collaborate and share, will explore the depth and breadth of ideas that are current and impactful in education right now. We will also consider how we get those ideas into the hands of more teachers and more school leaders while informing the thinking of policy makers and those interested in funding educational innovation.

 It is our hope that each festival participant can reimagine teaching and learning with a new lens to foster classroom and school change with new partners in this important responsibility we have to each student and the world they will inherit.

For more information you can find the agenda here. Please contact Molly Magner ( with any questions. 

Be sure to check back often for updates on our agenda, presenters and conference strands.