Get MBE Credentialed

Option 1: Neuroteach Global (Launching 2019)

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Beginning in 2019, teachers and school leaders can work toward becoming CTTL Mind, Brain, and Education certified through Neuroteach Global. This three-level, four track professional development resource was designed with the adult learner in mind and applies research such as novelty, choice, the spacing effect, interleaving and mindset (growth, belonging, and purpose and relevance) into storified learning experiences. Neuroteach Global is experienced through an electronic device of one’s choosing and its content is delivered in 3-5 minute micro-learning experiences that can be complete anywhere at any time. NTG includes real-world classroom challenges that receive feedback within 48 hours after submission. Teachers can participate individually or with colleagues or their entire school. By working on your own MBE professional growth and credentialing through Neuroteach Global you accrue NTG scholarships for under-resourced teachers and schools around the world.



Option 2: MBE Micro-Credentials (Available Now)

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The CTTL, in partnership with Digital Promise, has launched its first stack of Mind, Brain, and Education science micro-credentials: Neuroplasticity: Educators as Brain Changers, Neuro-truths in the Classroom, and Neuromyth Busting. Each submission takes approximately 3 to 4-hours and is reviewed by the CTTL team. Many states recognize micro-credentials as a pathway for professional development and continuing education. This is a great way to begin your engagement with MBE science research or to practice what you are learning from in-person programs with the CTTL or what you are currently reading in the field of Mind, Brain, and Education science (see the CTTL’s Research Base).

You can complete each micro-credential individually or grab a group of colleagues and create your own MBE Professional Learning Community. Better yet, change up professional development at your school by having an entire division, department, academic discipline, or school work through each micro-credential opportunity.