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Self Determination Theory & Distance Learning

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Pedro breaking down the Self Determination Theory into three components: autonomy, connection, and competence is helping me to reframe how I will go about planning and assessing my students (regardless of the model my school follows in the fall). 

I feel as though I used the vast majority of my synchronous time with time with students to focus on the connection piece as we adjusted to Home Based Learning (HBL) in the spring and then throughout the remainder of the year. I did this with the whole group 2x a week for about 1 hr and 2x a week with 3 small groups (for 30-40 minutes) to discuss our class read aloud. 

I used asynchronous learning mostly to review AND introduce new content to my students daily through Seesaw (a classroom management, teaching, and communication platform). This made the most sense for my 4th grade students because I already knew how they each learned, but this will be very different with students I DO NOT know in the fall.

I will be using routines to establish community and clear expectations from day 1 and through at least month 1 of school (whatever it looks like).