Creating Innovators Through Design Thinking

June 17-19, 2015

If creative thought begins with a child’s very first acts of curiosity, exploration and play, why is this impulse lost? 

This three-day seminar explores the instructional philosophy, tools and activities that nurture essential innovative thinking. This workshop develops the different strategies necessary to build creative, collaborative, and design-minded classrooms.

Great minds are born not simply of rote knowledge but from the continuous habit of curiosity. One essential job of educators is to provide the space and program for designing the future students will live in as citizens. This requires great minds. Design and Innovation is a holistic educational process that involves thinking, creating, doing, action and reflection. The mission of design instruction is to provide purposeful, authentic experiences that allow new arrangements of materials and ideas. This workshop offers teachers of all ages and experience a powerful and persuasive way of teaching.

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