Transformative Teaching and Learning Websites

Learning & The Brain Society, Connecting Educators to Neuroscientists and Researchers

The Learner Sketch invites users to explore their own learning strengths and challenges among the various mental processes that influence learning. The Learner Sketch is a part of a new national campaign, Faces of Learning.

Brain-Targeted Teaching, created by Dr. Mariale Hardiman director Johns Hopkins University School of Education Neuro-Education Initiative

The Dana Foundation News, events, and commentary on bridging neuroscience and education.

Mind in the Making, A Journey into the Science of Early Learning

Khan Academy (featured at the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference 2011 and TED Talk) (Dr. Judy Wills website that emphasizes teaching practices that engage the heart and mind to challenge all students to their highest potential)

International Mind, Brain and Education Society

Neuroscience and the Classroom: Making Connections: A 42-Module Video Course for K-12 teachers and school counselors