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The Hub features CTTL Academy’s Science in Action Day

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Johns Hopkins University’s, The Hub, featured the Science in Action day, part of the CTTL’s Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy. 

Jill Rosen wrote: “Teachers get up-close view of what research about learning looks like. About 150 educators take part in first-ever Science in Action Day at Johns Hopkins.

Educators from as far away as Africa and as close as Baltimore got a deep dive Wednesday into Johns Hopkins University learning research.

About 150 secondary teachers and administrators spent the day on the university’s Homewood campus for the first-ever Science in Action Day, sponsored by the university’s Science of Learning Institute. They met scientists doing the cutting-edge research that could one day change how they teach.

“Teachers are very interested in scientific findings with potential classroom applications but never have a chance to see for themselves how researchers come to these conclusions,” said Kristin Gagnier, outreach and evaluation specialist at the institute. “What does research about learning look like?””

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