Talented Partnership


In 2017, the CTTL began partnering with Talented, which designs and hosts experiential learning games, also called practice games, where people can learn in a low-risk environment and become prepared for real life. Talented partners with the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University to connect research on adult learning, memory and behavior to how games are designed. Together, the CTTL and Talented collaborated to find a way to bring the Center’s in-person programming and publications to teachers and school leaders throughout the world. The solution is Neuroteach Global a series of digital-first micro-courses, each focused on solving common teaching problems using research-informed educational neuroscience practices. Neuroteach Global offers over 25 micro-courses within its four learning tracks and is a pathway for individual teachers and schools to become CTTL Mind, Brain, and Education certified. Contact cttl@saes.org for a Neuroteach Global demo.