Partnership with Research Schools International

In the spring of 2013, The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew’s Episcopal was the eighth school in the world invited by individual researchers at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education (GSE) to become part of the Research Schools International program. Research schools are thought leaders in education that bridge the gap between research and practice. This is a global network of schools in the United States, Europe, Australia, and South America that conduct cutting-edge research, lead professional development, and disseminate research findings to the broader educational community in partnership with individual faculty from Harvard’s GSE. St. Andrew’s is proud to be part of this collection of schools who are conducting and disseminating original research to help inform the global educational community.

Current Research Project

We are excited to share with you information about the new research study St. Andrew's is conducting with Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) researchers who lead Research Schools International this year. 

Year One of the project, the collected data will help answer the question, "How does Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) Science currently inform teacher, parent, and student practices at St. Andrew's?"

In Year Two of this project, HGSE researchers and CTTL faculty will be providing workshops for parents, teachers, and students as we seek to answer the question, "How can increased training in MBE Science for faculty, students, and parents improve teaching, professional satisfaction, and student achievement at St. Andrew's?" 

For more information, read out Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher and Student Fellowship Program

When St. Andrew’s committed to become part of the Research Schools International it also believed that the two key stakeholders in any education setting, teachers and students, should play a vital role in this partnership. As a result, each year St. Andrew’s teachers and students apply to become CTTL Research Fellows. This competitive program brings St. Andrew’s teachers, students, and Harvard University Graduate School of Education Researchers, led by Dr. Kurt Fischer and Dr. Christina Hinton, together to help design a research study that is important to teaching and learning at St. Andrew’s. The CTTL is committed to share the results of each year’s study with the larger educational community in order to spark dialogue about research that can enhance teacher quality and student achievement.

Omidyar Teacher Research Fellows Program

Each year, up to five St. Andrew’s teachers are awarded with 1-year fellowships to deepen their understanding of the connection between educational neuroscience and classroom practices. Teacher research fellows play a critical role in the design and collection of data for the CTTL/Research Schools International partnership (led by Harvard University faculty). Fellows will be awarded up to $1000 to attend a mind, brain, and education professional development program as well as for fellowship work that takes place during the school year.

Finn Family Student Research Fellows Program

Through this competive program, upper school students apply to learn more about Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) Science through a two-year research fellowship. Fellows will work directly with individual researchers from Harvard Graduate School of Education and the St. Andrew’s community on an original research study in the field of MBE Science. The student research fellows play a critical role in the design, data collection, and dissemination of results and “interventions” of the CTTL’s yearly research focus.