Innovative Teaching (IT) Grant Program

The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL) will award up to three $1000 grants each summer to fund the development of innovative curriculum development, projects, units or studies that are informed by educational neuroscience for individuals or teams of teachers.


Grant Criteria: Grant funds will be used to design a research study or develop at least two new lessons, projects, units or instructional practices that will be posted at the CTTL web site and be used as teaching models for both St. Andrew’s and the external educational community. Grant funds can be used to purchase resources or attend programs that will support meeting grant requirements. 


Applications must include a description of how their project will be informed by educational research and transforms an aspect of teaching and learning at St. Andrew's.


Eligibility: All members of the St. Andrew’s pre-school through twelfth grade teaching faculty who have taught for at least one year since completing the All Kinds of Minds (AKOM) or Teaching All Kinds of Minds (TAKOM) training.

Selection Process: The grant recipients will be selected by the Head of School and the Director of the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning with input from division heads. Preference will be given to grant applications that involve two or more faculty members. Award recipients will be notified prior to Spring Break.

Completion of the Grant: Grantees will submit to the Director of the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning the following:

  • CTTL Grant Evaluation Assessment and Summary Paragraph

  • Blog Entry for posting at the CTTL web site

  • Video summary or podcast reflection to be attached to the blog (following implementation of new lesson, unit, project or research study)

  • Participation in Transformative Teaching and Learning Poster Session