Sunday, 7/23 Intro to Mind, Brain, Education (MBE) Science

12:00 PM: Registration Opens

1 pm: Welcome and Opening MBE Science Session

2:15: Brain Break

2:30: MBE Science Session II

4:45: MBE Science Exit Ticket

5:00: MBE Science Translation Group Meeting

6:00: Academy Dinner

Monday, 7/24 Intro to MBE Science

8 am: Light breakfast

8:30: MBE Science Session III: Teacher Power Strategies

11:00am: Translation Group Meeting

12:00pm: Lunch OR Yoga then Lunch (Yogi's choice)

1:00: MBE Science Session IV: Standing in the Students' Shoes

2:15: Brain Break

2:30: MBE Science Session V: Student Power Strategies

4:00: Translation Group Meeting

5:00: Enjoy the DC area

Tuesday, 7/25 Deep Dives

8:00 am: Light breakfast

8:30: Having Fun with Research Methods

10:30: Deep Dive: Translating Research into Practice and School Leadership

1:00: Lunch OR Yoga then Lunch (Yogi's choice)

2:00: Deep Dive Round 2

4:30: Brain Break

5:00: Translation Group Meeting

6:30: Barbeque: bring your appetite to enjoy some brain food!

Wednesday, 7/26 A Day in the Lab

8:00 am: Light breakfast

8:30: Deep Dive Round 3

11:00: Lunch and travel to Johns Hopkins University

1:00: Introduction to University-Based Research

2:00: Johns Hopkins Research Lab visits

4:00: Research Lab Debrief

6:00: Dinner in Baltimore

Thursday, 7/27

Research-informed Project Design

8:00 am: Light breakfast

8:30: The Teacher/Researcher: Disciplined Inquiry Framework

10:30: Brain Breeak

10:45: Research Translation Part I

12:00: Lunch

1:00: Research Walk

1:30: Research Translation Part II

3:00-4:00: Closing Reflection and Commitments

Deep Dive Topics

  • Memory: How do we make what we teach and what students experience stick?
  • Emotions and Learning: How can we better understand the connection between cognition and emotions to enhance learning?
  • Beyond Growth Mindset: How can we get students to buy into and be co-curators of their learning?
  • Feedback and Assessment: How can we assess for deep learning?
  • Executive Functioning: How can we help students become self-regulated learners?

Schedule is subject to modification. For more information, contact Julia Dean (